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Short and easy-to-follow yoga and mindfulness videos that teach students the skills of self-awareness and self-management

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Why Students Need amaZEN U

Self Regulation


Mindfulness has been credited with significantly improving executive functioning, especially in self-regulation.

Stress and Anxiety

Yoga offers a unique way to calm the nervous system and reduce stress.

Dealing with Trauma

Mindfulness impacts students outside of the classroom, giving them coping mechanisms to help deal with the stresses caused by trauma.

Learn more about the research behind yoga and mindfulness in the classroom.

Why Teachers Love amaZEN U

Quick and Easy
No Equipment Needed
No Equipment Needed

Pre-K - Grade 12

Features Real Students

Teachers Benefit Too
Ms. Scott
7th-8th grade / Cleveland Metropolitan School District

The students who participate enjoy it. I teach 7th grade in the morning and 8th grade in the afternoon. I get more participation from my 7th grade students (both boys and girls). They do the activities at their desk or they go to the back of the room to do them. I think having a student their age lead the activities encourages them to do it….I enjoy viewing the videos. I myself have tried a few as well.

Ms. Dogan
3rd grade

We love love love amaZEN U. It has become my go-to before class and before testing. Especially on these dreaded indoor recess days!

Ms. Parker
K-3 grades / South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools

I love your website and so do my students. They ask everyday can we do yoga! I have found that it has calmed some of my most challenging students. My students are really connecting to the videos and when I turn the screen on they automatically get settled to start.

Ms. Medve
4th grade / South Euclid Lyndhurst City Schools

I absolutely love using AmaZEN U in my classroom for brain and movement breaks! My students love it and are very responsive to it. I have a class that has great difficulty with focusing, impulse control and managing their emotions. AmaZEN U provides a great outlet to channel some of this energy and some of the more challenging poses really engage my 4th graders. I enjoy doing the sequences with my students as it helps to refocus and calm my energy as well! I have recommended the site to several colleagues.


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What else should I know?

We want you to have a great experience with us, so we do our best to make sure you know exactly what you’ll get when you join.

Do I need special equipment to use amaZEN U?

No, you do not need any special equipment, but you will need to have access to the Internet and YouTube or Vimeo in order to access the videos. All of the actual exercises can be done in the classroom while students are at their desks or sitting in chairs.

What age group is amaZEN U for?

amaZEN U is suitable for grades preK-12. You will only see content that is relevant to your students, so no searching through 100s of videos!

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Our Story

While running a local nonprofit called ZENworks Yoga in Northeast Ohio, we found the schools we were working with wanted quick and easy classroom tools for yoga and mindfulness. The teachers didn’t always have time or space for traditional mat-based classes. As a group of experienced educators and yogis, we knew that children benefit more from daily exposure to yoga skills in shorter increments of time. We came together to create a simple tool that allows classroom teachers to quickly and effortlessly incorporate yoga and mindfulness exercises into their daily routine. In addition, amaZEN U will donate a portion of its profits from each subscription to ZENworks Yoga, a Northeast Ohio based 501(c)(3) that brings yoga and wellness to under resourced schools and community organizations.

Facts About Us

25Years Experience
290Minutes donated


Sonya Bapna Patel

Mom. Yogi. Entrepreneur. Educator. ZENworker.

Sonya Bapna Patel
Joie Scott

Yogi. Nana. Retired Teacher. ZENworker. Life-long Learner.

Joie Scott
New Team Member

Yogi. Educator. Entrepreneur. Technology Guru. Marketing Maven.


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